Monday, February 14, 2022

Backyard Wild Birds Questions?

Do you have a Backyard Wild Birds problem or question? Would you like to know more about backyard birding? Chances are that others have a similar question too! Post your comment below and I will put an answer for all to see here as well.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Bird Feeder Pole Systems
This is one example of backyard landscaping ideas that incorporates Bird Feeder Pole Systems to feed wild birds. Start by creating what I call a Bird Island with pavers. The one above uses 22 rectangular and 20 tapered EP Henry - English Garden Wall pavers. This paver type allows each to be flush against the other for a 14.5 ft long by 10.5 ft wide continuous wall divider. Each paver also has a 1" bottom ridge to be able to make an offset multi-tier wall if desired. The landscape is completed with ornamental grasses, flowers and plants with wood chip ground cover.

One of the Bird Feeder Poles on the left is a Squirrel Stopper Pro with four hanger arms and a large black cylinder Pole Squirrel Baffle below to squirrel proof the bird feeders above. The pole is mounted 8-10 ft away from any object a squirrel can launch a sideways jump from. The 4 bird feeders are designed especially for different types of bird seed to attract a great variety of songbirds.

The smaller of the Bird Feeder Poles on the right is a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole.  You can hang of all kinds Bird Feeders, Birdhouses or hanging plants.  It is shown here with a Audubon Wood Wren Birdhouse and a hanging plant.

Bird Baths complete any bird sanctuary by offering water. Copper bird baths are naturally anti-bacteria and are very attractive. A Hammer Copper Bird Bath makes a beautiful addition. Water is necessary for life and will attract wild birds that don't normally visit bird feeders. A catbird is a good example.

Come see more backyard landscape ideas with Bird Feeder Pole Systems and information on the birding components that can all be found at Backyard Wild Birds website.
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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Special Wild Bird Houses

Spring comes fast and with the change of seasons the wild birds are on the move. Those that migrated south will be coming back looking for food and shelter. Having their bird houses ready and waiting will really pay off! There are many different types of Bird Houses. Here are a couple of different kinds specifically for Bluebirds and Purple Martins.

Bluebird Bird House:
Bluebird Bird House This Bluebird Birdhouse uses Red Cedar for a long life Bluebird Cedar Birdhouse. Bluebirds are safer with the nicely designed metal front predator guard at the entrance hole. Outstanding features make this a best Bluebird birdhouse. Both sides open and there is a clear Plexiglas partition on the inside to allow for safe observation of the blue birds in their nest. Elevated bed uses aluminum screen covering to discourage blowfly larvae from attacking the birds.

Purple Martin Bird House:
Purple Martin Bird HousePurple Martins are very desirable to have around, because they are nature’s way of controlling mosquitoes and insects. Purple Martins like to live together in little colonies which is why Purple Martin poles with houses designed specifically for them work so well. They like to have their pole and houses high in the air, in open areas, where they can soar.

Some of these birds most people may never see, but you can attract them by giving them a nice home in these bird houses.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Use Wild Bird Feeders in winter?

A number of birds are migratory birds that go south in winter. The Hummingbird amazingly goes to Mexico. Their migration starts in the northern climates and they may stop over at your nectar feeders for some much needed fuel on the way down. I’m in South Jersey and by now my Hummers have already left.

Bird feeders at Backyard WIld BirdsStill there are a number of wild birds that stay in the northern USA all year round. Wild birds are one of natures success stories in that they are direct descendents of dinosaurs from millions of years ago. They don’t really need us to survive a winter, but we can make it a little easier on them by providing extra seeds and suet in winter time. Besides, it really is nice to see them at our bird feeders. This extra food may keep them healthier, less stressed and more likely to grow their population in your area. In addition to bird food, water should also be made available. Of course, to do so requires a heated bird bath for when temperatures drop below freezing.

Some of the common Backyard Wild Birds that you can expect to see in the Northern USA are: Chickadees, Titmice, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Downey Woodpeckers, Red Belly Woodpeckers, and Goldfinches to name a few. You will be amazed to see them all when you thought none were around. Set out some bird feeders with seed and they will come! You can see great views of many different Bird Feeders at Backyard Wild Birds.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Cape May Hawk Watch

Cape May, New Jersey is a natural wild bird migratory funnel by its geography. It is bordered on the west by the Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Because of this it is a Birders choice destination to be able to see large quantities of Wild Birds as they congregate during their southern migration. This is particularly true for birds of prey and Hawks. Between September and November, Cape May Hawk Watch platform is the place to be.

Backyard Wild BirdsThey have a very large above ground deck platform just for birders to watch the Hawks as they come down. This is a great place to use your optics and cameras to obtain superb photos of over 17 species of birds of prey. The Sharp-shinned Hawk, Cooper's Hawk and Red- tailed Hawk are some common hawks as well as the American Kestrel. Cape May Bird Observatory keeps an official hawk count during these months and the Sharp-shinned Hawk takes the honors with averaging over 26,000 a year. In addition to the Hawk Watch platform there are three nature trails on boarded paths that you can take to explore and take photos as you go. See lots of wild birds, butterflies, dragon flies, insects and nature that is preserved for viewing. There are also viewing platforms along the way that you can stop at and observe for longer periods of time. All in all, a nice place to spend the day and let nature entertain you.  Brought to you compliments of Backyard Wild Birds.